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Examining the relevance of OBEs to the history and modern practice of remote viewing

Out-of-Body Experiences

Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.

The presentation will examine the history and individuals in the intersecting worlds of OBEs and remote viewing and their relevance to our modern understanding of remote viewing.

According to psychologist Susan Blackmore, “An OBE is an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside their physical body. In this state they can see and hear events and conversations that cannot be perceived from their actual physical location.” There is some disagreement in the RV field regarding the importance of OBEs to the RV field. Despite the early history of OBEs in RV, for example: Ingo Swann’s experiences, SRI’s consideration of OBEs in the naming of remote viewing, and The Monroe Institute’s continuing research and practice, the topic remains controversial in the current training and practice of Remote Viewing. Sometimes, in a particular field of study, the early history and formation of certain methods and protocols exclude some contributing practices, such as OBEs. These practices, while important in their own right, have relevance to what we now consider modern remote viewing. Past presentations have focused on particular interpretations of RV: CVR, SRV, TRV, ERV etc. but have omitted the early groundwork. This presentation will re-examine the dynamics of the development of remote viewing in the light of these early principles.