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Remote Viewing Supreme Court TV: The Great Debate | Saturday Night Improv Theater

On Saturday night as part of the banquet entertainment and educational program, the fictitious remote viewing supreme court of appeals will hold a special session. On trial are three topics under debate. Each will stand an accused defendant, standing trial for the high crimes and misdemeanors of violating supreme remote viewing law. First on the court docket will be BLINDING VS. FRONTLOADING. Second will be Remote Viewing as PROPER NOUN VS. A VERB. The third is: Do remote viewers tune into an ABSTRACT MATRIX VS. FEEBACK?

Each defendant will be duly represented by council as they are accused by the most relentless prosecutors of the land who will bring forward a series of expert witnesses.  Join us following our Saturday Banquet as the greatest and most obsessed minds come together for what will no doubt be the most poignant debate of the century. You the audience will serve as the jury.

Dress Code: Keeping with Royal British Court Protocols – all performers within the court drama will be wearing 17th Century proper court attire (wigs and gowns). Audience members may feel free to dress or accessorize accordingly as well, although not mandated.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within the courtroom drama/debate will represent common theories, assumptions, and supporting evidence expressed by remote viewers, project managers and researchers within popular media forums and scientific circles but will not be reflective of any one opinion by either of the sponsoring organizations or their staff. Further those playing the various roles will not necessarily be a strong proponent of any one particular position (although they may be) – but more so chosen to play that role because they are well versed in both “sides” of ongoing debates.

If you feel like you might like to play a role in this (will require advance planning and practice), please get in touch with the producer team: