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Paranormal Investigation of the Civil War Museum

Join Josh and friends on this once in a life time opportunity to conduct a real life paranormal investigation at a haunted Civil war museum!

Saturday August 12th, 9:00 pm–Midnight
Location: The Exchange Hotel, Civil War Medical Museum at 400 S Main St, Gordonsville, VA
$75 includes entry fee to the muesuem, tour guides, etc.

Have you ever wondered what happens at a Museum after it closes for the night and everyone has gone home? Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum takes on an atmosphere all its own. There have been many reports from their guests of unexplained activity. Guests have claimed to have seen orbs and columns of light traveling from room to room. We have seen and heard doors opening and closing on their own. Guests have experienced other phenomena such as seeing full-bodied apparitions of doctors and soldiers in the hotel and on the grounds. Guests have seen nurses dressed in black period clothing on the stairs and have heard screaming and moans of sadness throughout the Museum. These are just a few examples of the unexplained activity guests have experienced in the museum.

The Exchange Hotel Museum has been featured on two episodes of “My Ghost Story” on the History Channel. They have also been featured in many publications and have had some of the most popular paranormal teams come to investigate for themselves.

Josh Louis of Hope Paranormal will teach participates how to conduct an onsite paranormal event. Attendees will be given a brief history of the location by one of the museum tour guides. We then will be allowed to investigate the location in small groups until midnight. Attendees can feel free to bring along their smart phones to utilize Josh’s ITC app, and also bring other equipment of their choice. Participants will be encouraged to use both technology and their intuition.

Those registered will also be sent a precognitive remote viewing target number in advance with the aim of describing something of significance they will find located at the museum later that evening.

For further information see www.theexchangehotelmuseum.org (booking through conference site!)