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Introduction to Remote Viewing

Many attending this conference are either unfamiliar or are only just getting acquainted with remote viewing. For them as well as others who may be interested, we are alerting you to a special pre-conference interactive opportunity. “What is Remote Viewing?” is a two-hour presentation and audience participation workshop featuring former Star Gate military remote viewer and past president of the International Remote Viewing Association, Dr. Paul H. Smith (Major, US Army, ret.).

Paul’s workshop will give you a solid foundation and answer many questions frequently asked by those first beginning to explore remote viewing. You will learn what remote viewing is, get a brief introduction to how it got started, enjoy a taste of some of the amazing results remote viewers have experienced, and have the opportunity to achieve your own results in an actual but easy remote viewing exercise guided by Dr. Smith himself. This workshop will be offered on Thursday evening, 10 August 2023, just prior to the official start of the conference. Participation is open to anyone, whether novice or experienced in remote viewing, and you do not need to be attending the full conference to participate.

You can sign up in advance by going to the conference registration website.

Lear more about Paul H. Smith on his speaker’s profile or on his website.