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Magic, Manifesting & Remote Viewing

Magic is defined as the art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, while manifestation is the process of bringing intentions into reality through thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Remote Viewing has been utilized as a method of informational accrual through extrasensory perception.

Coral Carte

Of the three, it has gained the most scientific legitimacy, perhaps because it was developed within a laboratory setting, to be used in experiments and for use by governmental institutions, while the others developed out of practical necessity centuries ago. Still, many aspects of remote viewing are an integral part of magical practices. These are often referred to as “vision questing” or “divination” and based on the idea that the human mind can access information from beyond the physical realm through altered states of consciousness. This talk is designed to focus on the point of intersection between magic, manifestation and remote viewing, to create a more permeable passageway between them, which may help diminish the ensuing tensions and confusions that occur when they are seen a completely separate domain. In this mini workshop, the audience will be guided through a series of principles and exercises borrowed from ancient magical practices that are aimed to enhance and deepen ones overall remote viewing practice and experience.