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Panel Discussion: Expanding on Consciousness

What could the EEG Data be saying about Remote Viewing
with EEG Data Collection during Remote Viewing and OBE

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter, Ph.D., ABD
Robert Holbrook
Ross Dunseath, Ph.D.

In this intriguing Panel Discussion, the Monroe Institute’s research team will share details of their work, which endeavors to explore these phenomena of OBE’s through a longitudinal data collection approach. Their protocols they introduce remote viewing and out-of-body exercises to participants while they are achieving altered states of consciousness during audio assisted meditations. During multiple sessions a day, across several days, with 16-20 participants, their EEG output is simultaneously recorded, and time synchronized to the audio. Over the course of six years, the panelists have compiled hundreds of hours of EEG data, beginning with our first Discovery Program in 2017. The analyses of the compiled data are ongoing. As more EEG data is collected, cleaned and processed, we are noticing trends that suggest differences between hits and misses on targets. In addition to physiological data, they have compiled personal accounts and stories of inexplicable phenomena experienced during this program. By combining EEG, AAT, RV and higher states of meditation we are pushing the boundaries of what is currently known about consciousness. While this research is still in its early stages, it has the potential to shed light on the relationship between brain activity patterns, consciousness, Remote Viewing and Out of Body experiences. These findings may very well have far-reaching implications not only for their field of study but for the broader scientific community as well. As a panel, they will welcome questions and discussions about this research and the processes.