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Tales from the Applications World

Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing (OPRV)

Julia Ann Mossbridge, Ph.D.

How can we help address complex scientific problems, inspire technical innovations, and direct scientific research and technological developments in a world that requires a much faster pace of discovery? Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing (OPRV) is one approach that has shown promise in this area.

OPRV is a framework for any method of remote viewing, in which the tasking is unknown by anyone (including the tasker) until after the RV session is complete, and in which accessing and cultivating unconditional love plays a major role in the process. Both of these differentiating aspects have scientific evidence to support them, but more importantly for this talk, OPRV has been used successfully to support several science and engineering projects. In this talk I will focus on three of them, giving examples from transcripts illustrating the power of intuitive and analytical synthesis to derive helpful solutions.

1: Climate crisis and climate mitigation—Experiences working with atmospheric scientists to address unknowns related to climate change and human activities.
2: Cryptography—How our Intuitive Forecasting team boosted creativity in a cybersecurity setting.
3. Optics research—How our Intuitive Forecasting team informed an optics research equipment decision.