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Star Gate and TMI

The intriguing Star Gate classified remote-viewing program, a precursor to the IRVA and The Monroe Institute’s fostering the global awakening of consciousness: Star Gate and TMI

Fred Holmes (Skip) Atwater

In 1977, I was assigned to Fort Meade, Maryland in the Systems Exploitation Detachment or SED and found three Department of Defense classified documents. Two detailed various aspects of Soviet interest in parapsychology, and the third was about remote viewing at SRI-International. Dale Graff was the point of contact at Air Force Systems Command, Foreign Technology Division, and the principal author of Paraphysics R&D-Warsaw Pact. It was clear from what Dale showed me that the principal-funding source for remote-viewing research was the KGB. The Fort Meade remote viewers’ first operational mission took place on September 4, 1979, was not a SED OPSEC mission. Instead, the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence for the Army requested that we help locate a downed U.S. aircraft. Of course, neither the interviewer (myself) nor the remote viewer had any idea where in the world the plane might have gone missing. But in just one remote-viewing session we were able to provide the name of a major terrain feature later identified as the name of a mountain into which the aircraft had crashed, and we provided a map location “guess” that proved to be within fifteen miles of the actual site of the crash. Ever since that successful first operational mission, the planned SED OPSEC use of remote viewing envisioned by me faded into obscurity and the unit became a remote-viewing asset for intelligence collection operations. I remain bound by my original secrecy oath and cannot disclose much about those operational missions.

Watch this video now to learn about the early connection about TMI and RV! Skip Atwater will be joining us and speaking at the conference. https://youtu.be/ORyF78StkFI