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The UFO-RV Challenge

The UFO-RV Challenge: There’s a Double Dilemma for the US and Russia—and it’s not the Ukraine War!

Jon Knowles

With the exception of a couple individuals, the RV community has by and large not wanted to explore the UFO-RV connection. The presentation brings out little known features of the connection as well as what each “strange” field may tell us about the dynamic, promising but troubling future that is rapidly unfolding before our eyes as a species. With the acknowledgment by the Pentagon of the reality of UFOs/UAP, it is an opportune time to explore the many connections with remote viewing. These include UFO experiences by remote viewers and accurate remote viewing sessions of UFOs with confirmable feedback, as well as the dual challenge these two extraordinary fields have presented to the US and Russian military and governments. This presentation is based on research done for an article accepted for publication by Nexus magazine. The presentation will explore the extraordinary features of the RV-UFO connection, including little known UFO experiences by remote viewers (sightings, contact, physical effects, abduction) and remote viewing sessions of UFOs with confirmable feedback (“TicTac” UAP and the Phoenix Lights). The great challenge the reality of these two “impossible” subjects presents for the military and governments, specifically in the US (Star Gate project) and Russia (remote viewing program, 10-year study of UFOs by the military, and the Voronezh incident) will be addressed. UFO controversies in the remote viewing community will be discussed as well as the implications of remote viewing and UAP for the new paradigm that is emerging in physics and consciousness studies.