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Note: All schedule times are given in EDT timezone.

Thursday August 10th

Thursday events are for in-person attendees only, the online program starts on Friday.

4:00 pm: Pre-Registration

Friday August 11th

Start of the Online Hybrid program

7:30 — 8:30 am: Breakfast and Registration

9:00 — 9:15 am: Introduction to the Conference (Debra L. Katz & Allyn Evans)

11:30 — 1:00 pm: Lunch

4:15 — 4:30 pm: Dale Graff and Nancy Smith – Dream Tasking for the Evening

5:30 — 7:00 pm: Dinner

7:30 pm: Reception/Cash Bar

Saturday August 12th

7:30 — 8:30 am: Breakfast

9:00 — 9:30 am: Nancy Smith and Dale Graff – Dream Target Feedback

12:30 — 2:00 pm: Lunch

6:30 — 7:00 pm: Reception / Cash Bar

7:00 — 8:30 pm: Evening Banquet (includes award ceremony and PK group experiments/experiences and spoon bending)

9:00 pm: Spoon Bending Party or Paranormal Investigation of Haunted Museum

Sunday August 13th

7:30 — 8:30 am: Breakfast

1:00 — 2:00 pm: Lunch

2:15 pm: Bus leave for Tour to Monroe or Optional Meditation Experience at Monroe’s Main Location

3:00 – 4:00 pm: Tour at Monroe Institute (meet Joe McMoneagle and Skip Atwater)

4:30 pm: Bus visits Hazy Mountain Vineyards and after wine tasting the Outbounder Target as Feedback (returns to Double Tree by 7:00 pm) Those staying for chair experience will be picked up at 7:30 and brought back to Doubletree. Those staying for Gateway Experience week will remain.

Sunday August 13th – Online portion of the Conference

Evening: Gather in the hotel restaurant and bar or get some much-needed sleep!