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We are now open for registration, even though we are still developing the speaker and conference program.
Early Bird Discount ends August 1 – register now!

Conference Tickets (in-person)

In-Person Full Conference Registration $395 Includes:

  • Full lecture/workshop/panel Access from Friday through Sunday (program to take place all in one big room).
  • Thursday evening game night, cash bar.
  • Friday evening Talent Show (we hope you will join in and share your unique talent)
  • Saturday evening Banquet/Key Note Address/Entertainment followed by a PK experience (Dinner Ticket included)
  • Sunday Bus Tour To Monroe Institute Campus
  • All weekend access to all breakout rooms, including a Monroe Institute-sponsored “experience room” (sound/meditation chairs) and an IRVA-sponsored experimental room, and vendors will run from Friday to Sunday.
  • Full Water/Coffee and Tea Service Each Day
  • Access to Cash Bar for all evening events (sorry, you must buy your own drinks this year!).
  • Access to RV out-bounder experiments and Dream-ESP Sessions and others will be added soon.
  • Access to vending areas, conference bookstores, etc.
  • Unlimited access to the full recording of the conference program following the conference at no additional charge (expect 3 to 6 months).

The registration fee includes a copy of the conference video set (as soon as the videos are available) for all conference participants.

The fee to attend only one day in-person is $150. This option can be booked through the general conference booking link as shown above.

Online Conference Tickets

The fee to attend online only is $150 if you register by August 1.
After this, the price will go up to $195. IRVA members and Monroe professional members/trainers may apply the discount codes below to this. – 
This option can be booked through the general conference booking link as shown above.

Any questions regarding the online portion of the conference should be directed to contact@irva.org.

*Important: At the time of the online event, when you come onto the Zoom call, the name on your account (which can be changed before you log in or during in the zoom dashboard) must match the name on your registration page. When you check out, it will ask you for the screen name you wish to use, if different from your registered name or if you are purchasing more than one ticket for another person. Make sure you note this so your online conference experience goes smoothly as our staff will need to verify your registration. If you can’t be verified, you’ll be put into a waiting room where staff will attempt to contact you via chat.

The registration fee includes a copy of the conference video set (as soon as the videos are available) for all conference participants.

Member Discount Codes

In the checkout process, please choose a discount code that would apply to you if you are an IRVA or Monroe Current member in good standing.  After you register, this will be checked. If you are not a current member, please consider joining now so you can use one of these codes.

To receive a discount, you must be a member in good standing when the conference starts under that code. So for example if you are a student member today but that membership expires before the conference you will need to upgrade your membership to associate (this doesn’t happen automatically for student members). If you aren’t sure when your membership expires, you can inquire at contact@irva.org.

Coupon Code Membership Status
IRVAStudent IRVA Student Member(–10%)
IRVAStudent IRVA Associate Member(–10%)
IRVATasker IRVA Tasker Member (–15%)
IRVASustainer IRVA Sustainer Member (–20%)
IRVALifetime IRVA Lifetime Member (–25%)
MonroePro Monroe Professional Member (–10%)
MonroeTrainer Monroe Trainer (–20%)
Note: only one use per person, to be applied only to the Conference fee, can’t discount meal plan.

Optional Add-Ons for the In-Person Conference Experience

To complete your in person experience, we offer several add-ons. The meal plan and RV introduction can be booked with the conference ticket.

To register for Monroe related programs: Please email Monroe Institute directly to register at registration@monroeinstitute.org or call 866-881-3440.

We are offering an optional full meal plan not just to feed people, but as part of our aim of this experience is to bring people together to socialize, network and all be together. This is really a terrific way to get to know people. We will make sure no one sits alone! (Unless you wish to but you probably will not find that to be an easy task!)

This includes 7 full meals (some will be plated some may be buffet style).

  • Friday: Full Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Saturday: Full Breakfast and Lunch (banquet dinner is included in the main registration fee).
  • Sunday: Full Breakfast and Lunch

Deadline August 1 for purchase.
This meal plan can be purchased now or later but will need to be purchased no later than two weeks prior to the start of the conference. The hotel will not be able to accommodate last-minute sign-ups for the meals.

Optional 2-hour introductory RV Course taught by Paul Smith, on Thursday, August 10th, from 5 pm to 7 pm (in person only).

Proceeds are donations to help cover the costs of the conference. ($50)

Monroe Institute Afternoon Meditation Experience

3:30-7pm Sunday

Experience a taste of Monroe Sound Science audio technology in zero gravity chairs in a group setting listening to our audio exercises on headphones.  Monroe Sound Science facilitates access to expanded states of consciousness with heightened awareness of the experience and less drowsiness.

$75 OR if you have signed up for either the 2.5 or 4.5 day residential programs, this afternoon meditation experience is included in your program tuition

Joe McMoneagle and Skip Atwater will be
in the lab to speak with guests on the tour!

6–7 pm:  Joe McMoneagle, an icon in the world of Remote Viewing, speaks to the group.

7 pm: bus returns to Charlottesville or the residential program begins with dinner


Saturday August 12th, 9:00 pm–Midnight
Location: The Exchange Hotel, Civil War Medical Museum at 400 S Main St, Gordonsville, VA

$75 includes entry fee to the muesuem, tour guides, etc.

Have you ever wondered what happens at a Museum after it closes for the night and everyone has gone home? Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum takes on an atmosphere all its own. There have been many reports from their guests of unexplained activity. Guests have claimed to have seen orbs and columns of light traveling from room to room. We have seen and heard doors opening and closing on their own. Guests have experienced other phenomena such as seeing full-bodied apparitions of doctors and soldiers in the hotel and on the grounds. Guests have seen nurses dressed in black period clothing on the stairs and have heard screaming and moans of sadness throughout the Museum. These are just a few examples of the unexplained activity guests have experienced in the museum.

The Exchange Hotel Museum has been featured on two episodes of “My Ghost Story” on the History Channel. They have also been featured in many publications and have had some of the most popular paranormal teams come to investigate for themselves.

Join Josh and friends on this once in a life time opportunity to conduct a real life paranormal investigation at a haunted Civil war muesuem!

Josh Louis of Hope Paranormal will teach participates how to conduct an onsite paranormal event. Attendees will be given a brief history of the location by one of the museum tour guides. We then will be allowed to investigate the location in small groups until midnight. Attendees can feel free to bring along their smart phones to utilize Josh’s ITC app, and also bring other equipment of their choice. Participants will be encouraged to use both technology and their intuition.

Those registered will also be sent a precognitive remote viewing target number in advance with the aim of describing something of significance they will find located at the museum later that evening.

For further information see www.theexchangehotelmuseum.org (booking through conference site!)

2.5 and 4.5 Day Residential Programs

held at our Faber, VA Campus 45 minutes from Charlottesville

An Introduction to Gateway
2.5 day $995 per person:  This program runs from Sunday through Wednesday departing campus after lunch.  This program does not satisfy the Gateway prerequisite qualification needed for Monroe graduate programs.

Our Flagship Gateway Program
4.5 day $1,895 per person:  An abbreviated version of Gateway from Sunday through Friday departing campus after breakfast.  This program does satisfy the Gateway prerequisite qualification needed for Monroe graduate programs.

Refund Policy

You may receive a refund for an illness or emergency at any time up until the start of the conference. However, a 15 % fee will be deducted to cover fees that our payment processor will not return per this year’s new rules. Otherwise, we would sustain a loss. Also, there is extra work for our paid staff to do when a refund is issued. Another option will be for you to transfer your conference registration fee to another event IRVA is offering.

Additional Courses offered through Monroe Institute following the conference will be subject to their own refund policy.

COVID Policy

We will not have any restrictions related to COVID. Those wishing to wear masks are most welcome and should feel comfortable doing so, but should not expect others to. Anyone who is ill has any COVID symptoms or is running a fever should not attend. If you become ill during the conference, you should stay in your room, not join the others,  and arrange for travel plans back home.  Everyone should be aware that gathering with a group for several days inside is seen as higher risk behavior to contracting COVID, or other transmissible, airborne illnesses, so if you attend, you do so at your own risk. We will have thermometers, extra masks, and hand sanitizer for anyone desiring these. That being said, if any local, state or national laws go into effect regarding COVID or any other illness, or the hotel sets forth new mandates as required per law, we will have to follow the law and in that case that mandated policy will supersede the one posted here.