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Nancy Reinhardt Smith

Nancy Reinhardt Smith

Director of the Sublime Remote Viewing Group, an accredited Monroe Outreach Trainer and former IRVA Board member. 

Nancy Smith is the director of Sublime Remote Viewing Group, a group of operational remote viewers who work to find missing persons, solve crimes, solve mysteries, and produce associative remote viewing projects. They have also produced scientific research projects in remote viewing, published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 2019.

Nancy was totally committed when she started her consciousness studies at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. Among the many courses she has attended at Monroe, Remote Viewing with teacher Skip Atwater and another with Joe McMoneagle were very influential in her learning and teaching.

She has also enjoyed serving the Institute as an accredited Monroe Outreach Trainer.

Nancy has been a presenter for and served on the Board of Directors for the International Remote Viewing Association, IRVA.

Nancy finds remote viewing endlessly amazing and creative.  She was the remote viewing director for the “Music from the Fringe” projects. The second Fringe project was created for the soundtrack of Director Lance Mungia’s documentary “Third Eye Spies” about Russell Targ and the true story of the CIA psychic spy program.

She has served as a remote viewer, analyst-judge, group manager and presenter for the Applied Precognition Project.

Nancy holds a B.S in Music Education from Ball State University and a Master of Education from University of Idaho. Throughout her professional career she has served both as teacher and principal and is currently retired from public education.

Nancy Smith has a sincere passion for the exploration of consciousness and human potential.