Reaching Deceased Remote Viewers through Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC).

May 17, 2023

Communicating with non-corporeal or post-material beings using different devices and equipment has been a field for over a one hundred years. This is the reporting of findings from a novel, exploratory study presently underway, which will be completed by the time of the conference.

Remote Viewing and AI: Applications for Monitoring, Scoring and Beyond

May 17, 2023

This talk will present novel methods for using AI to enhance or potentially automate remote viewing procedures like target feature extraction for multi-modal scoring, monitoring and more.

Tales from the Applications World

May 17, 2023

How can we help address complex scientific problems, inspire technical innovations, and direct scientific research and technological developments in a world that requires a much faster pace of discovery? Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing (OPRV) is one approach that has shown promise in this area.

Examining the relevance of OBEs to the history and modern practice of remote viewing

May 17, 2023

The presentation will examine the history and individuals in the intersecting worlds of OBEs and remote viewing and their relevance to our modern understanding of remote viewing.

How Are We Really Doing as Remote Viewers?

Sep 09, 2022

The 2022 Warcollier Award was won by a research project that focuses on measuring the concrete hit accuracy of CRV sessions. The results provide a standardized benchmark that can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the individual viewer.